Using E-AT technology will provide a wide range of benefits:




Increase the safety of your operations

The VC50 and SC50 coatings are both fire-resistant, reducing the spread of smoke and fire in case of a fire-outbreak, increasing the safety of all employees  



Coat your pipes and lower your costs


By using E-AT’s coating technology you can reduce your overall operating cost due to lower and more efficient energy consumption.


By coating your pipes, you reduce leakages, meaning you save a minimum of 15% on heating and cooling, resulting in lower energy costs.


Coated pipes are about 500 times better isolated than non-coated pipes.




Increase your green image and profile

With our technology, you save the environment for tons of CO2 every year, as your system becomes more energy efficient, without the use of any toxins and chemical vapors.


Our coating’s volatile organic compounds belong to the best category of indoor air quality.



Start saving from day 1

Our coating technology reduces the operation costs of your HVAC-system by sealing and coating the pipes and reducing leakages.


Based on most cases, you investment will have earned itself back after just one year. Our coating technology comes with a low cost and a fast return on investment, promising long-term profitability.




On-board implementation

It is easy and quick to clean and coat your pipes while the ship is in operation.


Simply by closing down one section at a time, you can keep operating your ship while using E-AT’s technology.


1-2 hours after the implementation, you can turn on the ventilation system as our technology is free of chemical- and toxic fumes.



Our robots increase longevity of ducts

Our technology is cost-effective, as we avoid many of the traditional costs of materials and labor.


Our robots will clean the ducts, reducing the manual labor. Furthermore, our coating prevents and stops corrosions, resulting in an extension of your ventilation ducts with at least 20 years.


Healthier working environment

Keep your staff healthy and safe

As our coating seals leakages in the ventilation system, it also reduces the spread of virus, bacteria, and mold improving the overall air quality.

Additionally, our coating technology is fire resistant and helps prevent and stop corrosions. It also reduces the spread of smoke and fire, increasing the safety of all employees on board.