We have developed two custom-built robots that if combined greatly improves the cleaning and coating process. Some of the main features are:




Custom made

The robots can be adapted for use in all standard channel-shapes ranging from 80mm to 630mm in diameter, and can work in both vertical and horizontal channels. It also works in 90 degree bends.

The operator can control the robot (remotely) from a safe position, instead of having to use scaffolding and climb inside the air duct, which greatly increases safety.

The robots can be used in existing air ducts, avoiding replacement costs, reducing downtime and disruption of daily operations.

Our coating robot is costume made, making it easy to apply the correct layer of coating in the ventilation system.

ECO dust finder ™

Professional cleaning specifically for use in ventilation and pipes

ECO dust finder ™ is a cleaning robot specially designed for use in ventilation. 


The robot comes as a set of:

  • One robot,

  • Safety wire,

  • Control unit,

  • Compressed air hose and filter. 


Its specially developed brushes ensure that the robot delivers a uniform, high-quality result so that the surface is free of flakes, rust, lint, gravel, dust, and dirt before coating.


(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)

Coating robot

Specially developed brushes that can be used on most of the popular application robots

Coating inside ventilation systems requires specialized equipment to ensure accurate results and a smooth surface throughout the coated area. 


To this end, E-AT has developed brushes and nozzles that can be used on most of the most popular application robots.

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